Happy Summer! Are you looking for a way to beat the heat? If the beach is too far and the mountains aren’t cool enough, Lake Norman has a great variety of movie theaters and movie deals, especially if you’re looking for a fun and affordable kid activity or date night.

Each of these theaters are a bit different than the other, especially when it comes to where they are located, their vibe, and what sort of offers that they have. 

AmStar Cinemas

Best for standard movie night in a convenient location.

Ticket Price

Adult: $8.45

Children: $8.45

Movie Deals

Super Saver Tuesday

Summer Kid Flicks

This theater is located right off of I-77 in Mooresville near the Walmart plaza.  This movie theater is generally clean, the staff are nice, and the have really comfortable seats, which is a necessity when you’re at a movie theater! Concessions are standard, including popcorn, candy, drinks, etc.

Dinner before Movie Recommendation

  • Pomodoro’s Italian American Cafe
    • Favorite feature: generous portions and casual atmosphere, great for a date night or with the whole family!

For more information, you can visit AmStar Cinemas website.

Our Town Cinemas

Best for a unique vibe and low-key movie night.

Ticket Price

Adult: $11.50

Children: $8.50

Military $10.00

Senior: $9.50

Movie Deal

Discount Tuesday: $8.50

This theater is located in the heart of Davidson, NC. This is a personal opinion, but this theatre is definitely a date night theater. I don’t think this movie theater is a great choice for younger kids, but older kids (who can control themselves in rolling chairs) would be just fine. Our Town Cinemas has three screens, so your options are a bit more limited than your standard theater, however, you get some other perks that you wouldn’t normally get at a larger theater. Smaller theater means smaller crowds (and all the introverts said “Amen”.)

Their cafe has substantial food if you’re looking to have dinner while you’re watching the movie, like burgers, chicken tenders, and caesar salad wraps. Then, you have an outstanding selection of local beer and wine. It’s like you’re in the comfort of home! Speaking of comfort, the chairs are a little different than the normal movie theater seating you may be accustomed to. Enter in…rolling chairs! Now, this was a little different for me at first, but they are comfortable! 

Dinner before Movie Recommendation

Alright, now this is what makes this movie theater absolutely GOLDEN. Davidson has so many great restaurants within just a few minutes. Sure, they have a menu at Our Town Cinemas that’s pretty great, but having the option to go somewhere awesome right before the movie? Gold. Absolutely gold. Regal at Birkdale rivals Davidson’s food options, but considering Davidson has Kindred, which made America’s Top 10 New Restaurants a few years ago, I have to lean a little more this direction. Might be bias. Might be fact.

  • Brickhouse Davidson
    • Favorite Appetizer: Chicken Quesadilla 
  • Kindred
    • Favorite Drink: Bartender’s Choice- tell your bartender what you like, such as sweet, bubbly, which spirit your prefer, herby, fruity, etc. I did this three different times and each time they came up with something amazing! 
    • Tip: definitely will want to have a reservation and note the price-point here is $$$
  • Flatiron
    • Favorite Entree: NC Heritage Pork Chop

For more information, you can visit Our Town Cinemas website.

Regal Birkdale & RPX

Best all-around and for proximity to a wide variety of restaurants.

Ticket Price

Adult: $13-$16.50

Child: $10-13

Seniors 60+: $10-13

Movie Deal

Summer Movie Express Series: $2 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Similar to Our Town Cinemas, Regal is located in the heart of Birkdale Village, making this theatre my top all-around choice since it is family friendly and date-night friendly.  There are so many restaurants to choose from, too. I can’t list them all, but if you’re curious what options are available to you, check out restaurants at Birkdale Village and the new restaurants at Birkdale Landing. There’s not a formal listing for Birkdale Landing quite yet, but Shake Shake, Inizio Pizza Napoletana, and more great spots are quick becoming favorites over there.

This theater is usually pretty clean, and the concessions are what you would expect, including popcorn, candy, drinks, etc.

Dinner before Movie Recommendation

  • Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar
    • Favorite Burger: Bistro Burger
  • eeZ Fusion & Sushi
  • Inizio Pizza Napoletana 
    • Favorite Pizza: Maria

For more information, you can visit Regal Birkdale’s website.

Gem Theatre

Best for nostalgic feel and budget-friendly movie night.

Ticket Price

Adult: $5

Children 2-12: $4

Seniors 55+: $4

This theater holds a special spot in my heart because it’s a historic movie theatre that was opened in 1936. The neon marquee shines brightly to welcome you in, and the affordable, everyday movie prices make it even better! Unlike the movie theaters we’ve become accustomed to, Gem Theatre makes concessions affordable so that a movie night with the family doesn’t break the bank. For example, seeing a movie here with two adults, one child cost us under $25 including drinks, candy, and popcorn!

The only downsides, in my opinion, to this theatre are that the seats are not very comfortable and there is only one screen which means that only one movie plays for a week at a time. In the grand scheme of things, it actually helps keep movie picking simple. You either want to see it or you don’t. Easy peasy! Better yet, the town of Kannapolis has recently revitalized their downtown area, so there are plenty of shops to walk around and see before or after you see a movie.

Dinner before Movie Recommendation

  • Chop House 101
    • Favorite: Sirloin with Baked Potato and Mac and Cheese

For more information, you can visit Gem Theatre’s website.

I hope that you found these Lake Norman movie theaters and movie deals helpful. As you can see, living in Lake Norman provides you with a lot of options for something as common as a movie theater. There is definitely something for everybody, whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly, convenient, or unique!

If you’re not a Lake Norman resident yet, take a look at this map of available Lake Norman homes for sale. What better way to enjoy your summer than having a scene like a movie in your own backyard? Lake Norman is notorious for those, and I’d be happy to help make your dream a reality!