The Renaissance Festival in Huntersville NC: Come grab every food you can imagine on a stick!Looking for something to do with the whole family? The Huntersville Renaissance Festival has something for all ages. The Renaissance Festival in Huntersville NC is open from October 8- November 20th and is open on the weekends from 10 am 5:30 pm. Tickets are $19 for adults and $9 for kids over the age of 5. The Renaissance Festival is always open, rain or shine and has FREE parking.

Photo by Curtis Bonwell,


This enchanting festival has jousting, games, costumed characters throughout the park and everything you can think to eat on a stick! You can even grab some tomatoes and throw them at the court jesters face for fun since they do like to taunt you in the park. You can also watch the sword swallowers or listen to a melody on the harp. Come out to Huntersville NC and experience all the Renaissance Festival has to offer!


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