There are so many reasons to love living in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina! It’s one of the most populated suburban areas within North Carolina, located just 20 minutes from downtown Charlotte. The area itself draws in significant amounts of outside travelers and relocating families from across the country. The towns surrounding the lake offer something for everyone. As the area continues to expand, more people will call Lake Norman home for all of these reasons and more! Check out the 5 reasons we love living in Lake Norman during every season of the year.

Reason 1: Lake Living is the Best Living 

Lake Norman is North Carolina’s largest man-made body of freshwater, with an area of 50 square miles. The lake is a central part of the life and everyday activities of the area. Residents and visitors alike swarm to the lake in the warmer months, spending every weekend out on the water. With many waterfront restaurants and marinas open throughout the year, the lake is the perfect place to spend time outside! Spending your summers perfecting your water skills or enjoying the sunset perfectly encapsulates why lake life is the best life! 

Reason 2: Lake Norman Restaurants are Like No Other

If you haven’t eaten out in Lake Norman yet, you’re truly missing some of the best food in the area! Lakefront restaurants around the lake offer a great atmosphere whether you’re coming off a day on the lake or just want a change in scenery. Some local favorites include North Harbor Club, Port City Club, Hello, Sailor. Even 5 minutes off of the lake, you will find some of Lake Norman’s hottest restaurants and breweries. That includes Alton’s, 131 Main, and any of the great restaurants in Langtree. Whether going for family dinner or a date night out, there’s options for everyone.

Reason 3: Perfect Starting Point to North Carolina’s Best Amenities

The Lake Norman and the city of Charlotte nearby are the perfect starting point to any state destination. You can travel to the mountains for a hike or a week at a North Carolina beach in no time. Thanks to the incredible geographical benefits of the state, nothing is further than a drive away. And if flying is the preferred mode of destination, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is a mere half an hour away. There truly is no better location to set as your home base in North Carolina. Residents definitely take advantage of that proximity throughout the year.  

Reason 4: Lake Norman is a central location to other major cities in the South

Charlotte, and by extension, Lake Norman is the perfect starting point to other major cities in the South. With Raleigh, Atlanta, Charleston all within driving distance, Lake Norman is the most convenient place to call home for so many reasons. Plan a getaway for an anniversary, a bachelorette party, or whatever the occasion and you’re sure to have the best weekend away. Charlotte’s got a lot but so does Lake Norman! Especially with more things taking place virtually and out of the office during the times of COVID-19.

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Reason 5: Companies and Schools in the area are unbeatable in a small town

The Lake Norman area has a surprising amount of great companies to work for and schools to attend. With companies like Lowe’s Corporation, Ingersoll Rand, Bank of America, Duke Energy, and so many more based out of the Queen City, there is so much opportunity for professional growth and great jobs in the area. Additionally, the amount of public, private, and charter schools in the area is a serious pro to living in this area over others. The opportunity to have your choice of school and community environment for your children to grow up in is so valuable! Additionally, smaller colleges/universities in the area like Davidson College, Queens College, and UNC Charlotte bring opportunities to attend sporting events at the collegiate level and other benefits of being near those campuses. 

It’s obvious that Lake Norman truly has so much to offer as a place to live, have fun, and explore. The small town feel combined with all the accessibility of the city means there’s always something to do. You’re sure to find a new favorite restaurant, a memorable experience, and memories no matter what the season is! Find out all the reasons residents love living in Lake Norman for your self!